You can share & sell files with robora. You can distribute files for free or sell them. All files are securely (and automatically) delivered via e-mail.

Files can be distributed via a direct link on a page we host, like this one, or you can embed the widget on any site.


E-books, Sewing Patterns, White Papers, Photoshop PSDs, Wordpress Templates, Albums (music) or Individual songs, Fonts, Videos, Photoshop brushes, PDFs & more.

Name Your Price

Ever wanted to sell something where you let customers decide the price? This lets you do that.

Just set a min and max price, and your customers slide a slider to pick the price they want.

Set "perks" for your customers to hit to entice them to give more.

Name Your Price sales can be distributed via a direct link on a page we host, like this one, or you can embed a widget on any site.


Any product worth selling — if you are okay with giving it away at any price!


robora allows you to sell your services — anywhere. You can charge monthly, one-time, or even split a high priced service up into smaller installments.

You also get a dedicated page, like this one, which lists all of your services available for purchase.


Consulting, Freelance work, Health & Fitness services, Coaching services, Tutoring services & more.

Products & Taking Pre-Orders

Have something you want to sell? Have a product you'd like to begin taking pre-orders for?

We can help you with that. Sell or take pre-orders for anything via a direct link or embed a widget on any website.


Anything worth selling.


robora allows you to create your own daily deals. This works really great for providing a discount to your most loyal customers — or even extending an offer to new customers.

You can create a deal for anything and sell them anywhere via a direct link or add the deals widget to any website via an embed code.


Just offer any of your services, files, or products that you are selling at a discount. Also consider bundling services and products together at a killer price.


Want to gauge interest from a blog post or a page on your website? You can create waitlists within robora and do just that.


Get the e-mail addresses of people who are interested in a product you might sell. Then, reach out to everyone who signed up.


robora allows you to create a page that helps you collect donations — and it works with PayPal.

All you have to do is provide your PayPal email address and we give you an embed code.


This works great on blogs.

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